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Events 23 SEP 2022

NEM Zagreb opens applications for TV Writing Contest

23 SEP 2022
Writers can apply to participate in scripted series competition including drama, thriller, crime, fantasy, Sci-Fi and comedy and unscripted formats like games, reality shows, or docuseries.

Content 20 SEP 2022

ZAG launches new content division, ZAG Stream

20 SEP 2022
 ZAG has launched ZAG Stream, a new division established to drive forward the company’s direct to streaming content business. The new initiative is set to be led by Maria Doolan, ZAG’s SVP of TV Content. 

Eventos 8 AUG 2022

ZAG celebra el Miraculous Day en América Latina

8 AUG 2022
La iniciativa incluye transmisión de contenido especial, campañas en redes sociales y promociones con socios minoristas en toda la región.

Content 4 AUG 2022

ZAG launches "Miraculous Day" across all Latin America

4 AUG 2022
The company launched on-air content, influencer and social media campaigns, and retail promotions throughout Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Peru, Mexico, Colombia and Central America. 

Interviews 21 JUL 2022

Julian Zag: “We see tons of potential for our ‘ZAG Heroez’ brands in Latin America”

21 JUL 2022
The EVP Global Operation and Head of Consumer Products at ZAG explains why the company decided to establish an office in Buenos Aires and talks about its hit titles “Miraculous” and “Ghostforce.”