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Research 13 MAY 2022

Netflix looks to APAC as growth in Western markets stalls

13 MAY 2022
As Netflix seeks to monetize its market domination in the West, in APAC it continues to focus on driving subscription uptake at the expense of ARPU, in particular in developing markets, Ampere Analysis noted in its latest report.

Research 5 MAY 2022

How is MediaForEurope responding to region's streaming growth?

5 MAY 2022
Italian media group MediaForEurope sees building a continental TV supergroup as the answer to challenges posed to Europe’s traditional domestic broadcasters by global streaming services, Ampere Analysis remarked in its latest report.

Research 29 APR 2022

Why Hulu’s new Disney+ bundle aims to reduce subscriber churn?

29 APR 2022
Ampere Analysis’ first quarter of 2022 consumer research indicates that 47% of current Hulu subscribers in the United States do not take Disney+, despite the relatively cheap Disney Bundle offer.

Research 11 APR 2022

Channel 4 privatization: potential disaster for UK's independent sector?

11 APR 2022
As the UK government plans to push ahead with the privatization of Channel 4, Ampere Analysis decided to investigate what implications this decision would have on UK’s TV sector.

Research 8 APR 2022

How TV commissioners have responded to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine?

8 APR 2022
Data from Ampere’s Commissioning service indicates that 43% (12) of the 28 titles relating to the conflict that have been commissioned to date are Entertainment shows.