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Research 30 SEP 2022

Why did Snapchat’s Original content streak come to an end?

30 SEP 2022
In August 2022, Snapchat decided to discontinue all investment in its content production entity. Ampere Analysis looked back on the company’s journey in commissioning vertically-shot Originals for its platform.

Research 19 SEP 2022

Why are global SVOD services targeting the Polish market?

19 SEP 2022
US-produced content is almost as popular among Polish Internet users as locally-produced content, particularly among younger demographics, Ampere Analysis noted in its latest report.

Digital 26 AUG 2022

Netflix to approach $1bn in ad revenue in APAC by 2027

26 AUG 2022
According to a new report by Ampere Analysis, Asia Pacific will be the most critical growth region for Netflix’s ad tier, with one of the most significant increases in revenue and the greatest average revenue per user (ARPU) uplift.

Digital 25 AUG 2022

What region will give Netflix more advertising revenues?

25 AUG 2022
Western Europe will generate annual revenues of $1.9bn for Netflix from advertising by 2027, more than the United States and almost as much as North America.

Research 12 AUG 2022

Why is ancillary content key for engaging younger live sports fans

12 AUG 2022
Younger viewers are more likely to engage with ancillary sports content including social media content, betting, sports video games, sports documentaries, and fantasy sports games, according to Ampere Analysis.