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Research 12 SEP 2023

Streaming homes in Western Europe set to overtake North America in 2024

12 SEP 2023
The number of households taking at least one subscription OTT service in Western Europe is set to surpass North America next year, with the UK and Germany driving much of this growth, according to Ampere Analysis.

Research 7 SEP 2023

Disney+ removes almost 80% of Turkish productions from its platform in Turkey

7 SEP 2023
Disney+ removed 77% of Turkish productions from its platform in Turkey in July 2023, bringing the number of local titles available on the service down from 107 in June to only 25 in July, Ampere Analysis noted in its latest report.

Research 28 AUG 2023

“The Last of Us” was the top-rated title of the first half of the year

28 AUG 2023
HBO’s “The Last of Us” was the most acclaimed new title to premiere in the first half of 2023, according to Ampere Analysis’ Critical Rating, a proxy for content quality based on audience and critics’ reviews.

Research 25 AUG 2023

Roku relies on news to boost its FAST channel offering in the United States

25 AUG 2023
Roku added 60 FAST channels in the last months, enabling it to remain ahead of competitors in terms of the number of channels offered, with 377 in total as of Q2 2023 – second only to Plex (445 channels), Ampere Analysis revealed.

Research 21 AUG 2023

Europe’s public media and the challenges of a new environment

21 AUG 2023
Consumer research carried out by Ampere Analysis over the last six years has revealed that engagement with public service media linear or their Video on Demand services has fallen by 15% in Europe's largest markets.