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Research 27 JAN 2023

How are studios balancing theatrical exclusivity with early SVOD premieres?

27 JAN 2023
Approximately seven weeks between theatrical and SVOD premieres is now common, regardless of how well the movie is performing in cinemas, Ampere Analysis noted in its latest report.

Research 9 JAN 2023

Growth in content investment will slump in 2023

9 JAN 2023
In 2023, Ampere Analysis expects global content expenditure to increase by just 2% year-on-year – the lowest growth in over a decade (excluding the Covid-driven slump of 2020).

Research 22 DEC 2022

How have streamers spruced up their festive catalogues?

22 DEC 2022
Prime Video was identified by Ampere Analysis as the top choice for those looking to spend the holiday season hunkered down with a selection of acquired Christmas content.

Research 21 DEC 2022

Why are bundles and discounts the new battlegrounds in the US SVOD market?

21 DEC 2022
As SVOD services in the United States mature, pricing and bundling are key to retention, according to a recent report by Ampere Analysis.

Research 12 DEC 2022

Why is Paramount+ the best value streaming service in the United States?

12 DEC 2022
Priced at US$6 but with a content value of over US$8.50 a month, Paramount+ is the best value streaming service in the United States, according to Ampere Analysis.