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Research 30 MAY 2022

Which SVOD services are benefiting from Netflix churn?

30 MAY 2022
In the first quarter, premium SVOD services saw an over 35% increase over the fourth quarter in new subscribers who had canceled Netflix in the past month, Antenna revealed in its latest report.

Research 13 MAY 2022

Why volatility is becoming the defining challenge of video streaming services

13 MAY 2022
Subscriptions in the premium SVOD category in the United States grew +4.0% quarter-over-quarter and +24.7% year-over-year, despite Netflix’s losses, Antenna revealed in its latest report.

Research 29 APR 2022

To which platforms have churned Netflix subscribers migrated?

29 APR 2022
While gross additions have remained relatively stable, Netflix saw 3.6 million cancels in the first quarter of 2022 — over one million more than the service dealt with in both Q1 2021 and Q4 2021.

Research 25 FEB 2022

Why consumers are increasingly opting for less expensive, ad-supported offers?

25 FEB 2022
With more choice than ever in the premium SVOD category, consumers increasingly opted for less expensive, ad-supported subscriptions in 2021 than in prior years, according to Antenna data.

Research 17 FEB 2022

2021, a record growth year for the premium SVOD category

17 FEB 2022
During last year, services actively used major tentpole programming and price promotions as two of the primary levers to drive acquisition, Antenna noted in its latest study, entitled “Year in Streaming Report”.