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Research 17 MAR 2023

How are the top streaming services doing with their AVOD strategies?

17 MAR 2023
Three months into Disney+’s AVOD launch, Antenna analyzed the early traction for that product and provided an update on Netflix’s progress in the same segment.

Research 20 DEC 2022

Is Netflix’s “Basic with Ads” the least popular of its plan options?

20 DEC 2022
According to a new report from Antenna, 9% of Netflix sign-ups in the United States in November were to the “Basic with ads” plan, making it the least popular of their plan options.

Research 2 NOV 2022

Are consumers of ad-free and ad-supported plans demographically different?

2 NOV 2022
Antenna examined its demographic data based on plan type and discovered that AVOD subscribers are not all that different from their counterparts who opt for an ad-free plan.

Research 30 AUG 2022

SVOD subscriber growth rate for the Q2 was the lowest in a long time

30 AUG 2022
Subscriber growth rate across premium SVOD for the second quarter of 2022 was the lowest in the 22 quarters for which Antenna has data. It was also the lowest in absolute volume of net subscriber adds since the third quarter of 2018.

Research 30 MAY 2022

Which SVOD services are benefiting from Netflix churn?

30 MAY 2022
In the first quarter, premium SVOD services saw an over 35% increase over the fourth quarter in new subscribers who had canceled Netflix in the past month, Antenna revealed in its latest report.