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Research 23 MAY 2023

Is complexity as big of an impediment as cost when it comes to new subscriptions?

23 MAY 2023
Consumers have more sources of entertainment than they can easily use and are eager for solutions that allow them to simplify, according to the latest wave of Hub Entertainment Research’s “Battle Royale” study.

Research 17 NOV 2022

What sources of entertainment do younger consumers spend their free time on?

17 NOV 2022
Young consumers are more engaged with entertainment of all kinds. In fact, people under 35 have an average of eight entertainment platforms they say are “must have” sources, according to Hub’s “Battle Royale” study.

Research 26 MAY 2022

The average US household consumes entertainment from almost 13 different sources

26 MAY 2022
Hub’s inaugural “Battle Royale” study shows that the average US household consumes entertainment – video, music, gaming, podcasts – from almost 13 different sources, but only half of those sources are considered must-haves.