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Content 11 MAY 2022

BlackBox Multimedia and EO Media to adapt "La Historia de Dinamic" book into a series

11 MAY 2022
The companies have optioned the rights from Scenic Rights, and have appointed Javier Olivares as Head writer & Showrunner.

Content 15 FEB 2022

BlackBox taps Janet Montgomery and Tricia Small for a new crime drama

15 FEB 2022
"Aqua Tofana" will be written by "Dracula" creator Cole Haddon, while the actresses Janey and Tricia will participate as co-creators and executive producers.

Content 29 NOV 2021

Incendo and BlackBox to adapt "Ellery Queen" into a TV series

29 NOV 2021
Both production companies will develop and co-produce a modernized TV series with a reimagined female lead.

Contenidos 27 AUG 2021

Boutique Filmes y BlackBox Multimedia producirán la serie "Nemesis"

27 AUG 2021
La ficción estará basada en la historia del traficante Antônio Francisco Lopes (Nem), el llamado rey de la favela Rocinha, en Rio de Janeiro.

Content 17 AUG 2021

"Nemesis" is the new BlackBox Multimedia and Boutique Filmes co-production

17 AUG 2021
The series is based on investigative reporter and historian Misha Glenny’s book "Nemesis: One Man and the Battle for Rio".