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Research 23 MAR 2023

How many people are actually paying for their streaming subscriptions?

23 MAR 2023
In the United States, 68% of all DTC services are fully paid for and are not shared with others outside the household, while 27% are used in more than one household, Leichtman Research Group revealed.

Research 7 MAR 2023

USA: Major pay TV providers lost 5.900.000 subscribers in 2022

7 MAR 2023
The largest pay TV providers in the United States lost about 5.880.000 net video subscribers in 2022, compared to a pro forma net loss of about 4.700.000 in 2021, according to Leichtman Research Group’s latest report.

Research 16 NOV 2022

Major US pay TV providers lost about 785.000 subscribers in Q3

16 NOV 2022
The largest pay TV providers in the United States – representing about 92% of the market – lost about 785.000 net video subscribers in the third quarter of 2022, according to Leichtman Research Group.

Research 25 AUG 2022

United States: 59% of Adults Watch Video on Non-TV Devices Daily

25 AUG 2022
Younger individuals are most likely to watch video on non-TV devices. Among all ages 18-34, 83% watch video on a non-TV device daily, compared to 64% of ages 35-54 and 35% of ages 55 and above. 

TV 15 AUG 2022

United States: Major Pay-TV Providers Lost About 1,925,000 Subscribers in 2Q

15 AUG 2022
The top pay-TV providers now account for 72.2 million subscribers, with the top seven cable companies having about 39.5 million video subscribers and other traditional pay-TV services having about 25.5 million subscribers.