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Content 17 NOV 2023

BTF Awareness accepts early donations for upcoming, Miami-based crowdfunding event

17 NOV 2023
The foundation creates audiovisual content aimed to heal what is broken in humanity while providing job opportunities for talented individuals in the city of Miami.

Content 18 SEP 2023

BTF Media launches the BTF Awareness Foundation

18 SEP 2023
Break The Format Foundation Corp, operating under the banner BTF Awareness, will serve as the creative hub for BTF Media's production of impactful and inspiring audiovisual content.

Contenidos 18 SEP 2023

BTF Media lanza su fundación, BTF Awareness

18 SEP 2023
Break The Format Foundation Corp, que opera bajo el nombre BTF Awareness, será la plataforma mediante la cual BTF Media usará el poder de los formatos audiovisuales para producir contenido inspiracional, motivacional, de impacto y transformación.