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Research 24 NOV 2022

88% of Canadian Internet Users Are Reachable by CTV

24 NOV 2022
LG Ad Solutions’ survey examining Canadian consumer thoughts on CTV finds that the medium is at near saturation, with 60% of those consumers using ad-supported apps.

Digital 23 SEP 2022

Pluto TV will debut in Canada on December 1

23 SEP 2022
Paramount Global and Corus Entertainment announced that free ad-supported streaming television service Pluto TV will debut in Canada on December 1.

Content 22 JUL 2022

Telefilm Canada supports the creation of six indigenous feature films

22 JUL 2022
The company will support six Indigenous projects through the Indigenous Stream submitted under the Theatrical Documentary Program and the Production Program, for a total commitment of over $3 million.

Digital 22 JUN 2022

Canada passes bill to compel local content on streaming platforms

22 JUN 2022
The country's lower house of the parliament passed legislation that would bring online streaming platforms under the stewardship of the country's broadcast regulator and compel firms like Netflix, YouTube, and Spotify to offer more local content.

Digital 9 JUN 2022

Pluto TV partners with Corus for its launch in Canada

9 JUN 2022
Launching this fall with more than 100 curated channels and over 20,000 hours of content, the service will have Corus as its advertising representative in the country.