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Content 31 MAR 2022

Canada Media Fund restructures its senior management team

31 MAR 2022
CMF has appointed new executives in key roles such as Content Strategy and Business Development after the departure of COO Sandra Collins and former Chief Strategy Officer Kelly Wilhelm.

Content 13 JAN 2022

Reelworld Screen Institute launches training program for black entrepreneurs

13 JAN 2022
With $1.4 million in support from the Government of Canada, this programming will increase Black representation in the Canadian screen industry and will have an impact on the sector for generations to come.

Research 13 DEC 2021

Canadian content among most in-demand non-US content with global audiences

13 DEC 2021
Canadian TV series accounted for 5.2% of the demand share for all non-US content with global audiences, good for the sixth best performance out of more than 80 markets, according to research conducted by Parrot Analytics.

Content 2 NOV 2021

CMF and National Screen Institute to train Canadian BIPOC producers

2 NOV 2021
Qualified Black, Indigenous and People of Colour producers will have access to the European Audiovisual Entrepreneurs training EAVE On Demand Access Program.

Content 30 SEP 2021

Canada Media Fund invests close to $50M in 112 audiovisual projects

30 SEP 2021
The Canadian projects will receive funding through seven different CMF programs.