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Content 6 SEP 2023

Deaplaneta Entertainment was nominated for the Cartoon Forum Tributes 2023

6 SEP 2023
The awards will be voted on by the 1,000 professionals attending Cartoon Forum, which will be held in Toulouse from 18 to 21 September.

Eventos 6 SEP 2023

DeAPlaneta Entertainment es nominada en los premios Cartoon Forum 2023

6 SEP 2023
Esta nominación es el resultado del apoyo continuado de la empresa a la animación europea a lo largo de su sólida trayectoria.

Events 5 SEP 2023

Cartoon Forum 2023: Thuristar and La Cabane will present "Luce in the Lovely Land"

5 SEP 2023
The preschool series, developed in partnership with broadcaster VRT-Ketnet, is adapted from Luce and the Rock*, the multi-awarded short film by Belgian artist Britt Raes.

Content 4 OCT 2022

Cyber Group's "The Tern" was most attended title at Cartoon Forum

4 OCT 2022
The title received recognition at the event, which was held from 19-22 September this year in Toulouse, France.

Content 27 SEP 2022

Ellipsanime Productions' "Trotro & Zaza" was showcased at Cartoon Forum

27 SEP 2022
The pitch of the pre-school project had 55% of all attendees. The first series is currently broadcast around the world.