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TV 21 SEP 2022

The Queen's funeral was watched by 28 million viewers in the UK

21 SEP 2022
A peak audience of around 28 million viewers watched the Queen's funeral in the UK on Monday, making it one of the country's biggest ever TV events.

TV 20 SEP 2022

Channel 4 sale to be “re-examined” by UK’s new minister

20 SEP 2022
Michelle Donelan, the new Secretary of State for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport of the United Kingdom, said she was “re-examining the case” for selling Channel 4.

Content 31 AUG 2022

Channel 4 commissions Wonderhood Studios' "My Grandparents’ War"

31 AUG 2022
The title will feature Keira Knightley, Kit Harrington, Toby Jones and Emily Sandé.

Content 18 AUG 2022

Production starts for Channel 4 and Showtime comedy “Entitled”

18 AUG 2022
Filming began this week in Manchester on Two Brothers Pictures’ latest comedy drama, “Entitled,” which is set to unravel our beliefs on privilege and prerogative, whilst delving into themes of grief, class, and greed.

Content 12 AUG 2022

Channel 4 commissions Princess Diana new documentary

12 AUG 2022
The series is directed by Will Jessop and Barnaby Peel, and produced by Natacha Brounais and Miriam Jones.