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Digital 11 APR 2022

Pluto TV lanza Chefclub en Estados Unidos y América Latina

11 APR 2022
Según los términos del acuerdo, Chefclub proporcionará más de 100 episodios de contenido de cocina a Pluto TV en español e inglés.

Content 11 APR 2022

Pluto TV to launch Chefclub Kids content in the United States and Latin America

11 APR 2022
Chefclub will bring over a hundred episodes of cookery content to Pluto TV in both Spanish and English.

Digital 29 MAR 2022

Samsung TV partners with Chefclub to launch fast channel in France and Switzerland

29 MAR 2022
Since its original 2016 launch, the brand has accumulated 100 million followers and 2.5 billion global views a month, five themed channels, and licensing agents in the UK, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Italy, China, and Benelux, among other opportunities.

Content 13 JAN 2022

Chefclub gets into the animation arena with the launch of "Chefclub Friends"

13 JAN 2022
The cooking digital brand announces its first edutainment series for 5 to 7 year olds starring the animated mascots from Chefclub’s dedicated kids’ network, Chefclub Kids.