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Research 18 OCT 2023

As Chinese SVODs expand overseas, can Chinese content find an audience?

18 OCT 2023
With the local market getting saturated and leading platforms struggling to gain new subscribers, Chinese SVODs have turned their eyes abroad to seek new opportunities, Ampere Analysis said in its latest report.

TV 13 OCT 2023

Canal 26 de Argentina galardonado en China durante el 11º Foro Global de Medios de Video 2023

13 OCT 2023
El canal de televisión paga argentino obtuvo el premio 'Release of vision for a shared future' en la categoría Global Short video por su programa “La Franja y la Ruta”.

Research 5 DEC 2022

APAC ex-China Pay-TV revenues to reach U$D 35 billion by 2027

5 DEC 2022
India will remain the largest market in size ex-China, with growth powered by DTH satellite platforms; Korea is the second largest contributor, driven by telco IPTV. Revenue growth in 2022 will be driven by India, Korea, and the Philippines.

Research 26 JUL 2022

Asia Pacific SVOD market is forecasted to grow 19% in 2022

26 JUL 2022
According to recent data from Analysis released by Media Partners Asia, the region's sector grew revenues by 25% Y/Y to US$12.0 billion in 2022. SVOD revenue is projected to reach US$19.1 billion by 2027.

Digital 8 JUL 2022

La plataforma CB Mídia llega a Brasil con contenidos del catálogo de China Zone

8 JUL 2022
El lanzamiento ede la plataforma audiovisual asiática, que distribuye contenidos de China Zone, estuvo marcado por un debate sobre el audiovisual chino en el entorno digital del brasileño.