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Research 23 NOV 2022

Disney+ and Hulu combined would own the most hit titles in the USA

23 NOV 2022
At approximately 30%, the player would enjoy a comprehensive lead on Netflix’s 23%, according to a recent study by Ampere Analysis. Hulu is currently owned by Disney (67%) and Comcast (33%), who are due to reach a sale agreement in January 2024.

Research 9 JUN 2022

Is Netflix really at risk of losing subscribers with its ad-supported tier?

9 JUN 2022
A quarter of the 12 million Netflix subscribers in the United States most at risk of churn are tolerant of advertising, according to Ampere Analysis, suggesting Netflix’s plan to introduce an ad-supported tier should pay dividends.

Research 29 APR 2022

Why Hulu’s new Disney+ bundle aims to reduce subscriber churn?

29 APR 2022
Ampere Analysis’ first quarter of 2022 consumer research indicates that 47% of current Hulu subscribers in the United States do not take Disney+, despite the relatively cheap Disney Bundle offer.