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Content 14 SEP 2022

Cineflix Rights appoints Mike Gould to SVP Digital role

14 SEP 2022
The executive will be responsible for increasing revenue streams for the company.

Content 28 JUN 2022

Cineflix Rights closes multi-title deal with TV3 Baltics

28 JUN 2022
During NATPE Budapest, Cineflix Rights closed a deal with TV3 Baltics for more than 200 hours of factual content, including titles such as “Richard Hammond’s Workshop,” “Smoke and Steel: Secrets of the Modern World,” and “Rise of the Machines.”

Content 22 JUN 2022

Cineflix Rights secures scripted and factual deals ahead of NATPE Budapest

22 JUN 2022
Various Central and Eastern European and Southern Mediterranean broadcasters have secured "Marcella," "John Wayne Gacy: Killer Clown’s Revenge,"

Content 7 JUN 2022

Cineflix Rights closes multiple deals for true crime, history and science content

7 JUN 2022
Cineflix Rights announced that it has closed multiple international deals for true crime, history, and science content from its North American producer partners.

Content 30 MAY 2022

Cineflix Rights closes multiple worldwide deals for its drama slate

30 MAY 2022
Cineflix Rights has announced multiple deals for international and English-language dramas from its growing scripted slate, such as “Manayek,” “Wynonna Earp,” “Happily Married,” and “The Minister,” among others.