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Research 3 FEB 2022

Global streaming viewing time was up by 7% in Q4 of 2021

3 FEB 2022
The figure was driven mostly by double-digit growth in Africa, Oceania, and South America, while North America, one of the most mature streaming markets, saw just a 1% increase in viewing time, Conviva’s “State of 2021 Streaming” report revealed.

Research 15 NOV 2021

Streaming in Asia was up 46% overall in the third quarter of 2021

15 NOV 2021
As global streaming continues to increase - up 21% in the third quarter of 2021 over the same period last year -, the segment is also growing in Asia, where it increased 46% overall, Conviva said in its latest report.

Research 5 NOV 2021

Global streaming increased 21% in the third quarter of 2021

5 NOV 2021
Global streaming continued to increase, up 21% in Q3 2021 over the same quarter last year, Conviva said in its latest report. This figure was led predominately by more nascent regions including Africa, which saw a massive 273% increase.

Research 25 OCT 2021

39% of OTT viewers access services based on specific content available

25 OCT 2021
Parks Associates research found that three out of the top five factors that drive OTT service subscriptions involve content, and that the inability to find relevant content is a top reason for consumers leaving a service.

Research 16 JUN 2021


16 JUN 2021
While viewers spend 47% of their viewing time on streaming, even by 2024 advertisers in the US market will spend a mere 8% of ad dollars on this segment. This is just US$5.6 billion of the $71.6 billion television spend market, according to Conviva.