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Content 4 OCT 2022

Cyber Group's "The Tern" was most attended title at Cartoon Forum

4 OCT 2022
The title received recognition at the event, which was held from 19-22 September this year in Toulouse, France.

Content 29 SEP 2022

Cyber Group Studio and Outright Games launch "Gigantosaurus: Dino Kart" video game

29 SEP 2022
The new project is scheduled to launch next year.

Digital 15 SEP 2022

"Nefertine on the Nile" to be launched on TIMVISION in Italy

15 SEP 2022
The cartoon series produced by Graphilm Entertainment, with Wahoo!, in collaboration with Rai Ragazzi will be available from September 16th on the Italian streaming platform.

Content 12 SEP 2022

Cyber Group Studios partners with Darren Lee Phillipson for a new "Gigantosaurus" Toy Line

12 SEP 2022
The toys designed in collaboration with the United Smile and Award-Winning Designer Darren are scheduled to launch globally in spring 2023.

Content 15 JUN 2022

Cyber Group Studios and Nippon Animation to Co-Produce new Feature Film

15 JUN 2022
The new title, "Nanami and the Quest," is based on Classic Japanese Series, "Tico and Friends," directed by Jun Takagi.