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Content 12 JAN 2022

Cyber Group Studios garnered new broadcast and digital partners worldwide

12 JAN 2022
In total, the studio secured 16 series set to be distributed across Europe, Asia, Africa, and North America.

Content 6 DEC 2021

Cyber Group Studios acquires audiovisual rights to "Phobos"

6 DEC 2021
The producer will use the rights to the bestselling book series written by French Screenwriter and Author, Victor Dixen, for animated, live action content for both TV and digital platforms.

Content 30 NOV 2021

Cyber Group Studios secures global deals for "Gigantosaurus" and "Droners"

30 NOV 2021
The long list of broadcasters and platforms who have acquired the series include NHK in Japan, Plus Plus in Ukraine, RTBF in Belgium, and Premier in Russia, Netflix,  CCTV in China, POP in the UK, RAI in Italy, and SRC in Canada.

Digital 18 NOV 2021

Cyber Group Studios enters license, merchandising deal with Retail Monster

18 NOV 2021
The U.S-based licensing agency will handle all licensing and merchandising aspects of the producer/distributor's new line, beginning with the two animated children’s adventure series, "The McFire Family," and "Press Start!"

Content 11 NOV 2021

Cyber Group Studios partners with Grilled Cheese Media on “Yum-Yum”

11 NOV 2021
Cyber Group Studios is partnering with Grilled Cheese Media, a producer of diverse and family-focused properties, to develop “Yum-Yum,” an original new animated comedy-adventure series for preschoolers.