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Research 13 DEC 2022

How many OTT subscribers hop between services in the United States?

13 DEC 2022
Nearly half of OTT subscribers hop between services, outside of Netflix, multiple times over a 12-month period, according to a new Parks Associates whitepaper.

Research 16 SEP 2021

More than half of US households use a combination of the top 3 OTT services

16 SEP 2021
The three platforms, Netflix, Amazon, and Hulu, continue marking large contributions to the greater majority of American’ households. Individuals who opt to suspend their cable services spend an average of spent $117 per month on pay-TV services and are now paying $85 per month for OTT services.

Research 6 AUG 2021

US cord-cutters spend an average of $85 per month on OTT services

6 AUG 2021
With consumers engaging in an average of four streaming services, the figure stands at a $30 advantage to the average amount spent for traditional pay-TV services.