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Events 4 NOV 2022

AFM 2022: FilmSharks' "Dalia And The Red Book" heads to Germany

4 NOV 2022
Animated feature film by David Bisbano gets a German speaking theatrical deal at AFM, after EpicMega Grant from Epic Games tech had its new footage shown in the market.

Content 3 NOV 2022

Federico Pascua joins FilmSharks' world sales and acquisition team

3 NOV 2022
Federico Pascua has over 25 years of experience, formerly worked at Bernardo Zupnik’s Distribution Company.

Content 24 OCT 2022

Filmsharks adds "My Grandfather’s Demons" stop motion animation to its catalog

24 OCT 2022
The feature film is produced by Sardinha em Lata (Portugal), Caretos Film (Portugal), Midralgar (France) and Basque Film (Spain).

Content 6 OCT 2022

FilmSharks to represent "A Singular Crime" film outside of Latin America

6 OCT 2022
The film was released theatrically by Warner Bros. Pictures earlier this month and later to be available exclusively on HBO Max across Latin America.

Content 20 SEP 2022

FilmSharks' The Remake Company reaches global remake deals for several titles

20 SEP 2022
The company has sold the remake rights to producers in Italy, India, Israel, México, Spain and Portugal for multiple South American films.