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Content 3 NOV 2023

Filmsharks to attend Blood Window with two titles

3 NOV 2023
Hugo Cardozo's “Do Not Enter” and “Restless Waters, Shivering Lights,” by Angeles Hernández will be screened at Ventana Sur parallel market that will take place in Buenos Aires.

Content 2 NOV 2023

FilmSharks to represent global sales to Lucia Puenzo’s "Los Impactados"

2 NOV 2023
The drama was produced by Pepe Puenzo at Historias Cinematográficas, alongside Mark Johnson and Paula Manzanedo, with the support of Exile Content Studio and Non Stop Studios.

Content 31 OCT 2023

FilmSharks takes global sales and remake rights of “Nine Queens”

31 OCT 2023
Written and directed by the late Fabian Bielinsky, “Nueve Reinas” became the biggest box office hit in Argentina in at least 10 years.

Content 10 OCT 2023

FilmSharks acquires two new titles for its films slate

10 OCT 2023
The distributor has added new film "The Quiet Maid" from Miguel Faus and “Snot & Splash”: the Mystery of Disappearing Holes" from Teemu Nikki.

Contenidos 25 AUG 2023

Vertice 360 distribuirá "El Juego", de FilmSharks, en España

25 AUG 2023
“El Juego” narra la historia de Víctor (Nico Furtado) y Eva (Maggie Civantos), una pareja que tras siete años de relación decide separarse el día que se decreta el estado de alarma.