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Digital 2 AUG 2022

France, Italy and Spain demand that big tech contribute to infrastructure costs

2 AUG 2022
France, Italy and Spain are stepping up pressure on the European Commission to come up with a legislation that ensures Big Tech firms partly finance telecoms infrastructure costs.

Content 25 JUL 2022

French authorities vote to end the local annual television license fee

25 JUL 2022
France’s National Assembly has formally voted to end the €138 annual television license fee (locally known as “contribution pour l'audiovisuel public”) in favor of a VAT increase.

Content 2 MAY 2022

New coproduction agreement between Canada and France

2 MAY 2022
As part of efforts to modernize coproduction treaties, the Department of Canadian Heritage has completed negotiations for a new agreement with France.

Research 17 MAR 2022

Pay-TV in Western Europe will lose 7 million subscribers between 2021 and 2027

17 MAR 2022
Pay-TV in the region will reach 100 million users, and subscriber counts will fall for 14 of the 18 countries between 2021 and 2027.

Digital 24 SEP 2021

Globoplay platform expands into the European and Canadian markets

24 SEP 2021
Starting in October, Brazil's largest streaming platform will offer a vast catalog of classic and original content on demand, in addition to seven linear channels for subscribers from more than 20 countries.