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Research 9 MAY 2023

How are Gen Z users engaging with content?

9 MAY 2023
According to a new report from Samba TV, 8 in 10 Gen Zers watch television via streaming services, and 65% of them does not have a cable subscription.

Research 30 MAR 2023

Have Gen Z and Millennials already abandoned linear TV?

30 MAR 2023
While the traditional TV audience is mostly made up of Gen Xers and baby boomers, pay TV still regularly reaches younger consumers, albeit to a lesser degree, according to a new report from Morning Consult.

Research 22 FEB 2023

What are Gen Z consumers doing instead of watching TV?

22 FEB 2023
The Gen Z spends more time watching non-premium video and playing videogames than watching television, Hub Entertainment Research revealed in its latest report.

Research 10 JAN 2023

How different are older and younger Gen Z consumers?

10 JAN 2023
Gen Zers who are 13-17 spend a slightly greater proportion of their viewing time with non-TV content, while older Gen Zers are more likely to devote a greater proportion of viewing time to professional TV content, according to Horowitz’s latest report.

Research 13 DEC 2022

Who are Gen Z’s favorite actors and content creators?

13 DEC 2022
Americans between the ages of 13 and 25 were asked their opinions of 35 film actors and 35 internet content creators in a new Morning Consult survey set out to determine which stars they most like to see on their screens.