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Content 14 APR 2023

Nielsen’s Gracenote joins the Entertainment ID Registry (EIDR) Board

14 APR 2023
Gracenote has joined the Entertainment ID Registry (EIDR) Board to partner on new ways to help the media and entertainment industry improve workflow efficiencies.

Research 9 MAR 2023

Which mood dominates this year’s best picture Oscar nominations?

9 MAR 2023
Academy voters have primarily selected movies with a “powerful” or “fun” feel to them for this year’s best picture nominations, as nine of the 10 nominees are classified within one of these moods, according to Nielsen.

Content 8 DEC 2022

Nielsen’s Gracenote Illuminates Disability Representation in Entertainment

8 DEC 2022
By providing visibility into the presence of physical, intellectual, cognitive, mental, sensory, and other disabilities in people appearing in popular programming, Gracenote Inclusion Analytics paves the way for more equitable and accurate representation around content investments.

Research 11 OCT 2022

Nielsen’s Gracenote launches new Studio Solutions Suite

11 OCT 2022
The offering overseen by Studio System, will provide entertainment investors a wide range of tools to make better project pricing, planning, bidding, and other general business decision-making.

Digital 19 AUG 2022

Gracenote lanza su nuevo sistema de gestión y distribución de ID

19 AUG 2022
La plataforma permite una mejor gestión y distribución de los metadatos del programa y puede ayudar a maximizar el retorno de la inversión (ROI) en programas de televisión y películas.