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Research 18 JAN 2023

Are users willing to pay for a streaming service if they could no longer share access?

18 JAN 2023
Horowitz’s latest “State of OTA 2022” report, released late in 2022, found that 7 out of 10 Netflix users who password share would be willing to pay full price for the service if they could no longer share access.

Research 7 JUL 2022

Why are media companies expanding their Spanish-language content?

7 JUL 2022
Seven in ten Latinx TV content viewers watch Spanish-language programming –up 11% from last year–, and two-thirds watch international content, according to Horowitz Research’s latest report.

Research 2 MAY 2022

Cable TV keeps decreasing while the SVOD market is also facing challenges

2 MAY 2022
While the number of cable/satellite subscribers continues to decline, the share of TV content viewers who rely only on streaming has continued its upwards trajectory, according to the just-released “State of Pay TV, OTT & SVOD 2022” report from Horowitz Research.

Research 18 FEB 2022

Why multicultural audiences are embracing free-TV?

18 FEB 2022
As cord-cutters look for ways to stay connected to live and local programming, multicultural audiences are embracing over-the-air (OTA) antennas, according to Horowitz Research’s “State of OTA 2021” study.

Research 27 JAN 2022

Is on-screen diversity improving for Latinx viewers?

27 JAN 2022
With conversations about race, cultural diversity, and inclusion front and center in society, Latinx audiences expect to see even more diversity now in media than ever before, according to Horowitz Research.