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Research 16 NOV 2023

Old shows are new again as consumers navigate streamers and strikes

16 NOV 2023
This year’s edition of Hub Entertainment Research’s annual “Conquering Content” report confirms viewers are still positive about what is available to them, even if managing all their choices is a challenge.

Research 22 SEP 2023

Is it a myth or a reality that consumers still hate ads?

22 SEP 2023
Over the past two years, the Hub Entertainment Research’s “TV Advertising: Fact vs. Fiction” study has provided strong evidence that it is finally time to bury the thought that consumers still hate ads.

Research 1 AUG 2023

Why is advertising in streaming video a vital part of the ecosystem?

1 AUG 2023
Hub Entertainment Research's latest report refutes the notion that viewers strongly dislike ads, and provides clear evidence that advertising in streaming video is a vital part of the ecosystem.

Research 25 JUL 2023

What is “quick churning” and why is it becoming more common among consumers?

25 JUL 2023
More than 40% of consumers say that they have signed up for a subscription just to watch one show and 42% say they have signed up for a new platform, then dropped it within the first six months, according to Hub Entertainment Research’s latest report.

Research 10 MAR 2023

Can viewers distinguish one streaming service from another?

10 MAR 2023
Viewers often have a hard time differentiating the brands of streaming services, and turn to known content or creative brands to help make viewing decisions, according to Hub’s annual “Evolution of Video Branding” survey.