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Research 12 JUL 2022

Are viewers evolving along with their TV sets?

12 JUL 2022
The biggest screen in the home is evolving, affecting not just viewer habits and expectations but the business plans of content providers and advertisers, according to Hub Entertainment Research’s latest study.

Research 14 JUN 2022

How are streamers differentiating themselves from the competition?

14 JUN 2022
Although awareness of streaming platforms is almost universal, it is still difficult for many consumers to explain how a platform is different from its competitors, according to Hub Entertainment Research.

Research 26 MAY 2022

The average US household consumes entertainment from almost 13 different sources

26 MAY 2022
Hub’s inaugural “Battle Royale” study shows that the average US household consumes entertainment – video, music, gaming, podcasts – from almost 13 different sources, but only half of those sources are considered must-haves.

Research 12 MAY 2022

The average consumer now uses more than seven sources for TV content

12 MAY 2022
The average number of sources consumers use to access TV content has hit an all-time high in 2022, Hub Entertainment Research revealed in its “Best Bundle” study.

Research 11 APR 2022

Three quarters of United States' households own a smart TV

11 APR 2022
According to Hub Entertainment Research's “Connected Home 2022” report, the high-tech device now accounts for over half of all TV sets nationwide.