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Research 1 MAR 2024

USA: Consumers will engage more with media in 2024

1 MAR 2024
Although digital is the main driving force generating most of the growth, linear TV is decreasing at a lower rate than expected.

Research 26 FEB 2024

Streaming CPMs continue to converge

26 FEB 2024
According to the research by Insider Intelligence, the competition in the streaming sector is leading to a more cost-effective CPM.

Research 2 FEB 2024

USA: CTV is the fastest-growing major ad channel

2 FEB 2024
According to Insider Intelligence's latest report, the CTV business is projected to grow 22.4% to reach a total of $30.10 billion in 2024.

Research 27 JUL 2023

Why do TikTok, Hulu and YouTube have better outlooks than Netflix?

27 JUL 2023
Netflix is the only brand that claims at least an hour of time per day from its active users, but its time spent will decline by 1 minute this year, Insider Intelligence said in its latest report.