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Content 29 AUG 2023

Kids edutainment channel ducktv launches on T- Mobile Poland

29 AUG 2023
Mega Max Media's network has been added to the Magenta Dom offer, and it’s available within the extended basic tier L at channel number 712.

Digital 12 JUL 2022

OTTera to deliver children's fast channel ducktv to linear market

12 JUL 2022
The OTT/FAST Service will power, support and provide advertising for ducktv in its further linear launches, making the free, ad-supported FAST channel available for distribution on additional platforms worldwide.

Content 4 JUL 2022

Ducktv global toddler channel launches on Ziggo in the Netherlands

4 JUL 2022
All customers of Ziggo with a Movies & Series XL orTV Channels Plus package will be able to enjoy the wholesome, fun, and educational programs of ducktv at channel 311.