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Content 9 AUG 2022

Lionsgate could close the sale of Starz by the end of its fiscal year

9 AUG 2022
Lionsgate could be on the verge of closing the sale of its networks and streaming business by the end of its current fiscal year, Jon Feltheimer, the company’s CEO, announced during its fiscal first quarter report.

Digital 27 MAY 2022

Starz added 4.8 million new subscribers in Lionsgate’s fiscal fourth quarter

27 MAY 2022
In its earnings report for the fiscal fourth quarter, which ended on March 31, Lionsgate disclosed that 4.8 million new subscribers were added by Starz in the period.

Content 6 AUG 2021

Lionsgate suffers $45 million earnings loss during Q2 2021

6 AUG 2021
The producer's recently released fiscal 2022 report reflects a total revenue spike of 11% to $901.2 million, as well as an unexpected decline in quarter-to-quarter growth for Starz.