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Research 1 AUG 2022

Why the best days of ad-supported TV may lie ahead?

1 AUG 2022
Intel Hub analyzed three reasons why ad-supported services could be about to hit their prime, including consumer tolerance for ads, how different those ads are compared to "old school" ones, and even the quality of the content these platforms offer.

Research 26 JUL 2022

As the TV ecosystem gets crowded, aggregators become more valuable to consumers

26 JUL 2022
Hub’s annual “Monetization of Video” study tracks which TV providers consumers feel provide the best value and which attributes make one provider more valuable than another.

Research 14 JUN 2022

How are streamers differentiating themselves from the competition?

14 JUN 2022
Although awareness of streaming platforms is almost universal, it is still difficult for many consumers to explain how a platform is different from its competitors, according to Hub Entertainment Research.

Research 26 MAY 2022

The average US household consumes entertainment from almost 13 different sources

26 MAY 2022
Hub’s inaugural “Battle Royale” study shows that the average US household consumes entertainment – video, music, gaming, podcasts – from almost 13 different sources, but only half of those sources are considered must-haves.

Research 17 JAN 2022

In 2021, viewers used more television sources than ever

17 JAN 2022
Last year, the number of television sources used by each viewer hit an all-time high: nearly six per person, which is exactly the double used in 2018, according to Hub Entertainment Research.