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Research 26 FEB 2024

USA: sports fans are willing to sign up to new platforms

26 FEB 2024
These findings stem from a recent study undertaken by Hub Entertainment Research. The research suggests access to sports does indeed strongly influence viewers’ choice of platform.

Research 4 DEC 2023

Why do consumers seek a streamlined viewing experience?

4 DEC 2023
In Hub Entertainment Research’s latest survey, three-quarters (77%) of entertainment consumers said budget is a main reason for not adding new streaming video subscriptions.

Research 16 NOV 2023

Old shows are new again as consumers navigate streamers and strikes

16 NOV 2023
This year’s edition of Hub Entertainment Research’s annual “Conquering Content” report confirms viewers are still positive about what is available to them, even if managing all their choices is a challenge.

Research 25 JUL 2023

What is “quick churning” and why is it becoming more common among consumers?

25 JUL 2023
More than 40% of consumers say that they have signed up for a subscription just to watch one show and 42% say they have signed up for a new platform, then dropped it within the first six months, according to Hub Entertainment Research’s latest report.

Research 23 MAY 2023

Is complexity as big of an impediment as cost when it comes to new subscriptions?

23 MAY 2023
Consumers have more sources of entertainment than they can easily use and are eager for solutions that allow them to simplify, according to the latest wave of Hub Entertainment Research’s “Battle Royale” study.