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Research 22 FEB 2023

What are Gen Z consumers doing instead of watching TV?

22 FEB 2023
The Gen Z spends more time watching non-premium video and playing videogames than watching television, Hub Entertainment Research revealed in its latest report.

Research 16 JAN 2023

Why do Gen Z consumers have an entirely different definition of "entertainment"?

16 JAN 2023
For decades, TV has been the center of the entertainment ecosystem. But for Gen Z consumers, it is just one of several ways they spend their time, according to Hub’s annual “Video Redefined” study.

Research 6 DEC 2022

A new battle in the streaming wars: becoming the “default” TV source

6 DEC 2022
According to Hub Entertainment Research, it is important to know which platform consumers consider their “default” TV source – the first thing they turn on when they want to watch TV.

Research 17 NOV 2022

What sources of entertainment do younger consumers spend their free time on?

17 NOV 2022
Young consumers are more engaged with entertainment of all kinds. In fact, people under 35 have an average of eight entertainment platforms they say are “must have” sources, according to Hub’s “Battle Royale” study.

Research 1 AUG 2022

Why the best days of ad-supported TV may lie ahead?

1 AUG 2022
Intel Hub analyzed three reasons why ad-supported services could be about to hit their prime, including consumer tolerance for ads, how different those ads are compared to "old school" ones, and even the quality of the content these platforms offer.