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Research 6 JUL 2022

Parrot Analytics launches Movie Demand, expanding its Demand360 product suite

6 JUL 2022
Parrot Analytics’ Movie Demand provides unrivaled insights into global and country-specific audience demand for tens of thousands of movies across all platforms and languages in more than 100 markets.

Research 31 MAR 2022

HBO Max’s “Our Flag Means Death” becomes a word of mouth global hit

31 MAR 2022
HBO Max’s “Our Flag Means Death” built exceptional audience demand in the United States and worldwide over the course of its just-completed first season, according to Parrot Analytics.

Research 26 JAN 2022

Anime and Asian series dominate the fourth Annual Global TV Demand Awards

26 JAN 2022
The world’s most in-demand TV show of 2021 was the Japanese anime series “Attack on Titan,” while the most in-demand series debut, as well as the most in-demand “revolutionary” title, was Netflix’s “Squid Game”.

Research 15 JUL 2021


15 JUL 2021
The average US audience demand for TV series nominated for five or more major Emmys has grown 65.5% in the last half decade, from 11.3x more in-demand than the average show in 2017 to 18.7x for this year’s top nominees, new Parrot Analytics data reveals.