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Research 29 JUL 2022

Streaming market in the United States returns to growth in the second quarter

29 JUL 2022
The proportion of households in the United States with video streaming services has grown to 88% (up 2% points quarter-on-quarter), after seeing no growth in during the first quarter of 2022, according to Kantar.

Research 1 JUL 2022

Is the industry moving towards a vertically integrated business model?

1 JUL 2022
In its latest report, Kantar anticipated significant steps in the trend towards vertical integration as major media companies seek to control the whole chain, from production of content to delivery into the home.

Research 2 MAY 2022

How many households are accessing streaming services in the United States?

2 MAY 2022
The proportion of US households who have video streaming services has stalled at 86% (up 0.4% points quarter-on-quarter), after seeing substantial growth in the fourth quarter of 2021, according to Kantar.

Research 25 APR 2022

Growth in the German market is still difficult for streaming giants

25 APR 2022
Over the last 12 months, the German subscription video on demand market has managed to grow household penetration by just +0.9% points, hitting 51.3% in the first quarter of 2022, according to Kantar.

Research 19 APR 2022

Why is SVOD no longer the only jewel in the media industry?

19 APR 2022
The subscription model is losing its power to drive long-term growth, and Kantar expects business models to diversify further in 2022, with a sole subscription offering becoming scarce.