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Events 25 AUG 2023

Over 130 students participate in the first Malta Film Commission's summer camp

25 AUG 2023
The engaging hands-on curriculum for the program was developed in collaboration with FACETS, a US-based Film Education organization, which was also entrusted with training and mentoring the film educators delivering the program.

Content 10 MAY 2023

Malta Film Commissioner visits the set of British feature film "Compulsion"

10 MAY 2023
The film is currently being shot in various locations around Malta and it is being made possible with the assistance of the Malta Film Commission through the 40% Cash Rebate.

Content 14 APR 2023

“Classified” film starring by Tim Roth and Aaron Eckhart to be shoot in Malta

14 APR 2023
This production will generate over €5.3 million into the economy and will employ 109 crew, of which approximately 79% are locals.

Content 22 MAR 2023

Hallmark’s mystery film "The Dancing Detective" shoots in Malta

22 MAR 2023
The upcoming film starring by Will Kemp and Lacey Chabert and will generate over €1.7 million into the Island's economy.

Content 10 MAR 2023

Malta: Over 2,500 people apply to join its film industry

10 MAR 2023
As the film industry continues to experience daily growth, Malta is working on a robust training programme for locals to keep up with the increased demand in film and TV productions shooting in Malta.