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Events 28 JAN 2022

Malta Film Week Day 5: An immersive journey into Malta's Film Studios

28 JAN 2022
The Malta Film Commissioner Johann Grech kindly invited the international press to a tour at the Malta Film Studios and Fort Ricasoli.

Events 27 JAN 2022

Malta Film Week Day 4: The visual and virtual effects took the stage

27 JAN 2022
Stargate Studios executives explained how visual effects work in the filming industry and how they help directors and producers to recreate visual ilusions in diverses scenes.

Events 26 JAN 2022

Malta Film Week Day 3: Investing in the next audiovisual generation

26 JAN 2022
The training and education were the center of the third day of the Malta Film Week with a unique goal in mind, without the right preparation of the future talents, Malta will not reach the world class audiovisual industry that it pretends.

Events 25 JAN 2022

Malta Film Week Day 2: Creating a world class film industry

25 JAN 2022
Maltese politicians, officers and talents have discussed different strategies to boost and improve the local film and tv local industry.

Events 24 JAN 2022

Malta Film Week Day 1: Malta celebrates its audiovisual history

24 JAN 2022
For the first time, Malta Film Commission organizes an entire week of activities, events, and an awards ceremony to stand out its audiovisual industry.