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Research 24 JAN 2024

SVOD “stacking” has fallen, but FAST viewership continues to rise

24 JAN 2024
Consumer appetite for subscription streaming services has transformed the industry over the past decade, but new data from Omdia has found a notable shift in subscription video on demand “stacking” behavior.

Research 8 NOV 2023

FAST: Top five channels in the USA drive 20% of total consumption

8 NOV 2023
New research from Omdia has revealed that Free Ad-Supported Television's growth in the the country is being powered by a small number of players.

Research 20 SEP 2023

Omdia: Gaming IP and its rise across the entertainment industry

20 SEP 2023
HBO’s breakout hit "The Last Of Us", plus record-breaking box office figures for "The Super Mario Bros. Movie", have greatly increased the prominence of game adaptations into film and TV.

Content 18 JUL 2023

The impact of writers and actors strike on the global TV and film production industry

18 JUL 2023
Maria Rua Aguete, leading global entertainment analyst and Omdia Senior Director, deep explains the diverse key factors that created the current uncertain scenario.

Events 28 JUN 2023

Conecta 2023: YouTube, TikTok, and Twitch tops the under 25 age group in Spain

28 JUN 2023
During Conecta Fiction & Entertainment 2023, Omdia showcased the "How to Reach the GenZ?" session, revealing research from Spain's most popular video services for the under-25 age group.