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Research 17 MAR 2023

Swedish household media spend keeps increasing despite the economic decline

17 MAR 2023
Mediavision latest report shows that Swedish households' interest in paying for media, for example through subscriptions, continues to increase despite the economic decline.

Research 9 FEB 2023

While cinema has not recovered yet, TVOD keeps growing in Sweden

9 FEB 2023
Close to 30% of Swedish households have rented or bought TVOD content an average month in 2022, marking a new record for the segment in Sweden, according to Mediavision.

Research 13 JAN 2023

How many SVOD subscriptions in the Nordics are borrowed from another household?

13 JAN 2023
As many as 3 million SVOD subscriptions in the Nordics are currently accessed using another household’s subscription, according to Mediavision's latest analysis of the Nordic TV and streaming market.

Research 13 DEC 2022

Denmark: interest in SVOD is reaching new record levels

13 DEC 2022
Household penetration for SVOD in Denmark now stands at 66%, which is higher than in any other Nordic country, and growth year-over-year amounts to 8%, according to Mediavision.

Research 24 NOV 2022

Sweden: Advertising on digital video reaches its highest weekly reach

24 NOV 2022
Mediavision’s Q3 analysis shows that 90% of all 15-74-year-olds in Sweden view advertising financed video at least once a week. This can be compared to the 75% reach of paid streaming services during the same period.