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Research 30 NOV 2023

How important is it to be a consumer’s default source?

30 NOV 2023
In its latest “Decoding the Default” study, Hub Entertainment Research revealed how rapidly smart TV apps have reached parity with the set top box as a starting point when viewers choose to watch video.

Research 22 SEP 2023

Is it a myth or a reality that consumers still hate ads?

22 SEP 2023
Over the past two years, the Hub Entertainment Research’s “TV Advertising: Fact vs. Fiction” study has provided strong evidence that it is finally time to bury the thought that consumers still hate ads.

Research 13 SEP 2023

Live TV remains the top launch point for viewers, but SVOD is growing fast

13 SEP 2023
Live TV continues to be the most common default source for TV viewers, but its once commanding lead over SVOD platforms has shrunk drastically over the past five years, according to Hub Entertainment Research.

Research 1 AUG 2023

Why is advertising in streaming video a vital part of the ecosystem?

1 AUG 2023
Hub Entertainment Research's latest report refutes the notion that viewers strongly dislike ads, and provides clear evidence that advertising in streaming video is a vital part of the ecosystem.

Research 10 JUL 2023

Are US consumers already at their maximum number of TV sources?

10 JUL 2023
Hub Entertainment Research’s annual “Monetization of Video” survey indicates most consumers are now either at or near their maximum number of TV sources, and are not actively looking to spend more money on video entertainment.