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Content 2 JUN 2022

Mediacorp brings WinSing's "Team S.T.E.A.M.!" to Singapore

2 JUN 2022
The series is a runaway hit since its 2021 China debut and now, it was licensed to Mediacorp for the first time and seasons 1&2 are ready to embrace audiences in Singapore this year.

Content 14 FEB 2022

Singapore's MediaCorp recommissions Omens Studios' animated series

14 FEB 2022
20 new episodes of "Leo the Wildlife Ranger" and a further 40 episodes of "Counting with Paula" will air on MediaCorp’s okto block on Channel 5 during this and the following year.

Content 19 AUG 2021

Banijay’s cooking hit “MasterChef” returns to Singapore

19 AUG 2021
Banijay Rights, Mediacorp and Motion Content Group announced the return of one of the world’s most successful competitive cooking reality television formats, “MasterChef,” to Singapore.