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Content 18 APR 2023

Merzigo completes a monetization deal with Medyapim

18 APR 2023
Technology and monetization company Merzigo and Turkish television content powerhouse Medyapim have forged a partnership that aims to boost the global circulation of the firm’s vast catalogue of Turkish dramas.

Digital 2 FEB 2023

La telenovela turca "Madre" bate récords de audiencia en Globoplay

2 FEB 2023
Coproducida por MedYapim y MF Yapim, "Madre" debutó en Turquía a atrvés de Star TV en 2016. Un año más tarde, Beren Gökyildiz obtuvo el premio Golden Butterfly a la 'Mejor Actriz Infantil".

Content 12 JAN 2023

Calinos Entertainment celebrates 18,000 hours worth of TV programming sales

12 JAN 2023
Among the sales is “Forbidden Fruit," which expands with a sixth season on Fox Turkey, and additional sales in Bolivia, Chile, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Poland, Puerto Rico and the US.

Content 19 OCT 2022

MBC Group signs five-year agreement with Medyapim and Ay Yapim

19 OCT 2022
MBC Group, one of the largest and leading media companies in the Middle East and North Africa, has announced a brand-new partnership with Turkish production companies Medyapim and Ay Yapim.

Content 23 MAY 2022

Calinos Entertainment’s “Forbidden Fruit” keeps conquering Latin America

23 MAY 2022
Turkish series “Forbidden Fruit,” distributed by Calinos Entertainment and produced by Medyapim, will now land in Ecuador, Puerto Rico, and Chile.