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Content 28 SEP 2022

MGM’S Epix to relaunch as MGM+ in early 2023

28 SEP 2022
The new brand will offer new identity characteristics, as well as classics and new programming offerings.

Digital 18 AUG 2022

Paramount+ estrenará en septiembre la quinta temporada de "The Handmaid’s Tale" en América Latina

18 AUG 2022
La plataforma estrenará el primer capítulo de la quinta temporada de la serie el domingo 18 de septiembre y todos los domingos tendrá un nuevo episodio estreno en exclusiva.

Digital 29 JUN 2022

MGM’s SVOD service is now available through Claro Video in Latin America

29 JUN 2022
MGM’s International Distribution and Acquisitions division announced that MGM’s on-demand subscription service is now available through Claro Video in Latin America.

Digital 29 JUN 2022

Claro Video amplia oferta premium incluyendo MGM a su catálogo

29 JUN 2022
El canal estará disponible en la plataforma con un costo de suscripción de 59 pesos.

Content 7 APR 2022

ITVX to premiere MGM's "The Reunion" drama this year

7 APR 2022
The six-part drama, based on Guillaume Musso’s bestselling French novel is produced by Make It Happen Studio and co-produced with the European Alliance, with MGM serving as its presenter and distributor.