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Research 25 AUG 2023

What is “app hopping” and why is it getting more common among streaming users?

25 AUG 2023
One-sixth of adults that subscribe to SVOD services regularly “hop” between these apps, signing up for a service for a limited time then cancelling once a specific end is met, according to new research from Aluma Insights.

Research 21 JUL 2023

One-third of SVOD buyers in the United States are set to reduce subscription spending

21 JUL 2023
New research from Aluma Insights finds 35% of subscription video-on-demand customers are spending too much on streaming services and are looking to cut back.

Research 7 APR 2023

United States: Smart TVs account for half of all OTT TV viewing

7 APR 2023
Adult SVOD viewers in the United States spend half their streaming TV time watching apps on smart TVs, up from 31% in 2015, according to Aluma Insights’ latest report.

Research 14 MAR 2023

USA: Which streaming services are essential for local audiences?

14 MAR 2023
Two-thirds of Netflix buyers in the United States view the service as indispensable to meeting household video needs, while Hulu and Disney+ are considered essential, according to new research from Aluma Insights.

Research 9 FEB 2023

How much are US consumers spending on streaming subscriptions?

9 FEB 2023
US consumer spending on subscription streaming rose to US$7.9 billion in the fourth quarter of 2022, with growth slowing slightly to 15.4%, according to new data from The Digital Entertainment Group.