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Content 17 JUN 2022

MIFA 2022: “Jade Armor,” a show that braces for broader female representation

17 JUN 2022
TeamTo’s animated series stands out for its strong female representation in the creative team and characters and promotes diversity and cultural inclusion values. Corinne Kouper, SVP of Production and Development at TeamTO, defines the creation process for this global IP.

Events 16 JUN 2022

MIFA - DAY 3: Netflix showcased the power of its animation slate

16 JUN 2022
Featuring award-winning filmmakers and the Netflix team, the showcase celebrated various animated stories across preschool, kids, anime, adult, and family tent poles films and series.

Events 16 JUN 2022

MIFA 2022: Gruppo Alcuni looks for content that promotes human values

16 JUN 2022
At MIFA, the company is highlighting new “Mini Pet Pals” and “Mini Dinos” episodes where they exchange experiences, as well as new productions like “The Black Diamond Race” and “Gateway 66.”

Events 15 JUN 2022

MIFA - DAY 2: Disney unveils a huge slate of new animated content

15 JUN 2022
During MIFA's second day, Disney Television Animation, Disney Junior, and Disney Europe, Middle East & Africa took to the stage to announce new productions of new original animated series to air on Disney+ and other Disney-owned platforms.

Events 14 JUN 2022

MIFA - DAY 1: The animation industry faces a new business era

14 JUN 2022
After "Minions: Rise of Gru" as the first highlight of the show, all the attendants appreciate the chance to regain the opportunity to have personal meetings and revamp the creative process of the animation industry.