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Content 19 OCT 2022

NBCUniversal's "that's My Jam" makes its way to Italy, Spain, Portugal and Mongolia

19 OCT 2022
The launches follow the title's recent success in the US and France.

Content 18 OCT 2022

NBCUniversal Format teams up with RTL to air "The Big Show" in the Netherlands

18 OCT 2022
The new Dutch adaptation titled "The Big Show" met Ruben Nicolai is scheduled to air on RTL 4.

Content 25 AUG 2022

NBCUniversal "Top Chef" format returns to Thailand for a new series

25 AUG 2022
Celebrating the 24th international adaptation of the format, the new 15-part local series will be produced by Heliconia H Group in association with Universal International Studios.

Digital 29 JUN 2022

En agosto, Netflix estrenará “Queer Eye Brasil”

29 JUN 2022
La plataforma lanzó la apertura del programa, que presenta el tema principal "All Things" remezclado por el dúo Tropkillaz en exclusiva para la versión brasileña del reality.

Content 16 JUN 2022

ZDF to launch a German Adaptation of NBCUniversal Formats’ "Safe Harbour"

16 JUN 2022
The title, "Liberame - Nach dem Sturm," will be produced by Eva Holtmann, Eva Kaesgen and Junior Producer Ina Philipps, with Astrid Ströher and Marco Wiersch serving as writers.