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Research 5 MAY 2022

How is MediaForEurope responding to region's streaming growth?

5 MAY 2022
Italian media group MediaForEurope sees building a continental TV supergroup as the answer to challenges posed to Europe’s traditional domestic broadcasters by global streaming services, Ampere Analysis remarked in its latest report.

Research 11 APR 2022

Channel 4 privatization: potential disaster for UK's independent sector?

11 APR 2022
As the UK government plans to push ahead with the privatization of Channel 4, Ampere Analysis decided to investigate what implications this decision would have on UK’s TV sector.

Research 4 OCT 2021

Could Channel 4’s privatization threaten UK production?

4 OCT 2021
The proposed privatization of the publicly-owned broadcaster would significantly impact the UK’s independent production sector, according to Ampere Analysis’ latest report.