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Research 9 MAR 2023

Which mood dominates this year’s best picture Oscar nominations?

9 MAR 2023
Academy voters have primarily selected movies with a “powerful” or “fun” feel to them for this year’s best picture nominations, as nine of the 10 nominees are classified within one of these moods, according to Nielsen.

Research 2 MAR 2023

Sports and streaming content fuel a rise in total TV usage in January in the US

2 MAR 2023
A surge of viewership for broadcast dramas, sports and new streaming content pushed total usage of TV up 1.3% in the United States in January compared with December, according to Nielsen’s latest report.

TV 17 FEB 2023

Domestic viewership for the Super Bowl reached 113 million, a near-record figure

17 FEB 2023
The NFL Super Bowl – the biggest game of the biggest US sporting competition – saw the Kansas City Chiefs defeat the Philadelphia Eagles on Sunday with domestic viewership reaching 113 million, a near-record figure.

Research 10 FEB 2023

Does representative content drive bingeability across streaming platforms?

10 FEB 2023
According to Nielsen’s latest "Attitudes on Representation on TV" study, 34% of respondents said they do not think there is enough content that represents them.

Entrevistas 25 JAN 2023

Stacie de Armas: “Los latinos elegimos ver contenido en español porque nos conecta con nuestra cultura”

25 JAN 2023
La Senior Vice President, Inclusive Intelligence & Initiatives de Nielsen explica por qué la audiencia de habla hispana sigue deseosa de consumir contenido en su idioma.