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Research 18 AUG 2022

Streaming revolution stretches TV generation gap in the UK

18 AUG 2022
Younger adults in the UK now watch almost seven times less scheduled TV than those aged 65 and over, Ofcom has found, as the generation gap in media habits reaches a record high.

TV 18 JUL 2022

Ofcom revokes RT's license in the UK for breaking impartiality rules

18 JUL 2022
Ofcom has found that RT’s news and current affairs coverage in the wake of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine breached due impartiality rules on 29 occasions in four days.

TV 22 JUN 2022

BBC must transform the way it serves audiences, Ofcom warns

22 JUN 2022
According to Ofcom, the BBC “must be much more open and clearer with audiences about how it handles their complaints, responds to concerns and meets viewers’ and listeners’ needs.”

Content 28 APR 2022

UK's Ofcom to regulate streaming companies

28 APR 2022
The UK government announced that the big streaming companies will be regulated by Ofcom in the same way that big broadcasters are.

TV 18 MAR 2022

UK's Ofcom has revoked RT's license to broadcast in the UK

18 MAR 2022
The decision comes amid 29 ongoing investigations by Ofcom into the due impartiality of RT’s news and current affairs coverage of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.