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Content 16 FEB 2024

Olympic medalist skater Elvis Stojko to participate on the new CBC comedy series

16 FEB 2024
Stojko will play himself in the seventh episode of "One More Time", airing February 20th on CBC and the free CBC Gem streaming service.

TV 5 DEC 2023

CBC anticipated more than 20 original series for its 2024 winter slate

5 DEC 2023
The Canadian public broadcaster featured new comedy "One More Time" alongside new seasons of comedy hits "Run The Burbs" and "Son of a Critch."

Content 28 JUL 2023

CBC produces new original comedy and reveals its main cast

28 JUL 2023
"One More Time" is now in production in Toronto and creator and star D.J. Demers is joined by Geri Hall, Daniel Beirne, Elise Bauman, and Seran Sathiyaseelan, among others.