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Research 19 SEP 2023

USA: Household spending on streaming subscriptions declined 25%

19 SEP 2023
Internet household spending on streaming subscription services has declined 25% to US$73 per month versus US$90 in 2021, according to new research from Parks Associates.

Research 12 SEP 2023

How to leverage emerging technologies to create more revenue?

12 SEP 2023
Parks Associates and Adeia’s latest white paper describes how vMVPD services are augmenting – and in some cases replacing – traditional pay TV services as the primary source of innovative advertising-based business models.

Research 28 AUG 2023

Why are consumers cutting streaming services?

28 AUG 2023
The average annualized subscriber churn rate for streaming video services stands at 47%. The top driver of service cancellations is the desire to save money, according to Parks Associates’ latest "Video Services: Shifting Demand" study.

Research 14 AUG 2023

46% of households in the United States have five or more services

14 AUG 2023
In the United States, 46% of households have five or more services, and 22% have eight or more streaming services, according to Parks Associates’ latest research from the Video Service Consumer Insights Dashboard.

Research 25 JUL 2023

51% of CTV device owners engage in commerce-related activities through their TV

25 JUL 2023
New research from Parks Associates shows that 51% of connected TV (CTV) device owners in the United States, roughly 44 million households, engage in commerce-related activities on their TV today.