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Research 14 SEP 2023

Which OTT platform is delivering more hits with its original content?

14 SEP 2023
So far in 2023, Apple TV+ stands out with both US and global audiences in terms of having the highest percentage of shows with demand greater than 2x the market average, according to the latest data from Parrot Analytics.

Research 25 AUG 2023

Hulu Originals are on a hot streak, but could that hurt Disney's bottom line?

25 AUG 2023
Hulu is having a certifiable moment with a string of exceptionally in-demand original series in recent weeks, Parrot Analytics noted in its latest report.

Eventos 23 AUG 2023

Churn, precio y publicidad, los tres grandes desafíos del streaming

23 AUG 2023
Los retos fueron definidos por Ivan Vitório, Gerente de Insights de Parrot Analytics, durante el PayTV- Forum 2023 que se está desarrollando en la ciudad de São Paulo.

Research 17 AUG 2023

What is the current state of the streaming industry?

17 AUG 2023
Parrot Analytics presented its Q2 2023 “Quarterly Report Card” to take stock of the first half of the year, and to analyze which company is set up for success amidst the labor strikes and the post-sub-growth-at-all-costs phase of streaming.

Digital 9 AUG 2023

Disney's streaming services keep losing subscribers

9 AUG 2023
The Walt Disney Company reported earnings for its third quarter and nine months ended July 1, 2023, revealing that Disney+ now has 146.1 million, a 7.4% decline from the 157.8 million it reported in the prior-year quarter.