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Research 10 MAY 2022

How many consumers livestream online content in the United States?

10 MAY 2022
Parks Associates’ new video research finds 43% of US internet households have livestreamed online content in the past three months, with sporting events by far the most popular type of content.

Research 22 APR 2022

More than half of oTT subscribers prefer Integrated OTT services

22 APR 2022
According to a recent study conducted by Parks Associates, 59% of viewers prefer unified bundles that combine their OTT services with other household subscriptions, while 48% feel their home internet service provider adds more value when online video services subscriptions are offered.

Research 16 DEC 2021

US OTT subscriber churn rate reaches 44% in 2021

16 DEC 2021
A recent Parks Associates study reveals that nearly 50% of total US consumers have an average of four OTT services, though well over half of the group also plans to cancel amid a lack of new content availability.

Research 25 OCT 2021

39% of OTT viewers access services based on specific content available

25 OCT 2021
Parks Associates research found that three out of the top five factors that drive OTT service subscriptions involve content, and that the inability to find relevant content is a top reason for consumers leaving a service.

Research 17 SEP 2021

Media consumers in the USA spent 70% of their video viewing time on top streamers

17 SEP 2021
Approximately 44% of audiences spend 76% or more of their OTT viewing time on broad-based services such as Netflix, Tubi, and AMC+, while others, 48%, spend 25% or less on niche services.