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Research 19 DEC 2022

Why viewers continue to embrace the ad-supported viewing model?

19 DEC 2022
Most TV consumers would rather watch ads if it means saving money, according to the fourth quarter wave of Hub’s “TV Advertising: Fact vs. Fiction” study.

Research 8 NOV 2022

How are consumers discovering their new favorite shows?

8 NOV 2022
Streaming TV services continue to dominate traditional platforms as the home base for consumers’ recently-discovered favorite shows, according to Hub’s annual “Conquering Content” study.

Research 19 SEP 2022

Traditional pay TV service remains the most common first stop for viewing

19 SEP 2022
Across the entire TV viewer base, live TV from a traditional pay TV service remains the most common first stop for viewing, Hub confirmed in its annual “Decoding the Default” study.

Research 17 AUG 2022

Has the industry finally figured out how to effectively deliver ads to viewers?

17 AUG 2022
With the growing popularity of free, ad-supported streaming services and ad-supported tiers of subscription services, TV consumers are not only accepting ads, but in some cases embracing them, according to Hub.

Research 12 MAY 2022

The average consumer now uses more than seven sources for TV content

12 MAY 2022
The average number of sources consumers use to access TV content has hit an all-time high in 2022, Hub Entertainment Research revealed in its “Best Bundle” study.